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Welcome to all former Troop 151 scouts!  Glad you stopped by the website.  Feel free to leave a comment or two here or on other pages.  Let us know if you’ d like access to the Alumni contact list or would like to be added to it.

We’d love to hear any stories about your life and how you feel that the Boy Scouts made a difference to you!

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  1. Robert Porter says:

    Member of Troop 151, Seattle from 1944 to 1950. Met at the Fairview Elementary School on Roosevelt Way..Explorer scout, Eagle Scout with Gold Palm, Jr. Assistant Scoutmaster, Staff at Camp Parsons. Scouting has shaped my life in a positive direction and the principles that I learned and the skills received have been with me for a lifetime. I have supported scouting for 60 plus years and am very proud to be an alumnus of Troop 151

  2. Robert Porter says:

    Please add to alumni list

  3. Yishai Lloyd Scott Elder says:

    I was a member of 151 from the beginning of my Scouting in the early 1950s until Explorers when we moved to Edmonds and I joined 302 (then Evergreen Council) led by Phil Smart (!) where I achieved Eagle in 1960.
    When in I was in 151 Mr. Helseth (Dennis’ dad) was scoutmaster and then Bill Couch, Sr was Post leader. Since , 302 Edmonds no longer exists, can I at age 73 reaffiliate with 151?

    Best wishes,

    Yishai Lloyd Scott Elder
    Jerusalem, Israel

  4. Yishai Lloyd SCOTT ELDEr says:

    I was a member of 151 in the 1950’s when Omar Helseth was scoutmaster, and continued into Explorer Post 151 with Bill Couch, Sr, as leader (with Bill, Jr, as a best bud). I then transfered to 302 in Edmonds (coincidence: Phil Smart, scoutmaster!), where I achieved Eagle (Bill Couch, Sr, presented it to me).

    Alas, both Phil and Bill, Sr, are both gone, as is 302 and the old Evergreen Council. Thankfully, 151 is still around (as us my square yellow and purple, mother-sewn neckerchief AND Camp Parsons, whose centennary I hope to attend.

    My question is whether there is a 151 alumni association?

  5. There is not currently an alumni association for Troop 151. A lot of former Scouts and leaders (and leaders wife’s) stop by our annual Christmas Tree Lot. You brought a lot of memories back for me. Phil Smart would come to our Troop Meeting and Courts of Honor and share his history of Troop 151. I was in Troop 69 in Lynnwood as part of the old Evergreen Council also. As we are done with meetings until September, it would be great to have you share your stories and the history you have of Troop 151. Please contact me and we can set up a Monday for you to meet our Scouts and share your stories.

  6. Robert Brotherson Scoutmaster says:

    Thanks for contacting us Lloyd, Currently their is no alumni association with Troop 151. A lot of past Scouts and Leader (some leader’s wife and widows too) Visit us at our annual Christmas Tree Lot each year and share their stories. You brought up a lot of memories for me, Phil Smart use to visit the Troop Meetings and Courts of Honor and I was part of Troop 69 in Lynnwood as part of the Evergreen Council. Troop 151 will be at Camp Parsons centenary too. It would be great to have you come share your Troop 151 and Scout stories with the Troop. We are done meeting for the summer but if you contact me in September I would be happy to schedule a meeting for you to visit.

  7. Yishai Lloyd Scott Elder says:

    Would lke nothing better than to droop in for a meeting, but I live these past 50 years here in Jerusalem, Israel. It is good to know that 151 is still going strong (just about every other Scout group I was in (including an overseas OA Lodge) are now defunct (my Scout shirt, except for the Eagle and Camp Parsons badges, is a patch-work of ghosts. However, if any of us are ever able to travel again will try to get over to Seattle for a Troop meeting.

    Best wishes,

    Y. L. Scott Elder


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