Troop 151

Scouting in (and out) of Seattle

Our Eagles

Troop 151 Eagle Scouts


Cole Lunde 6/11/2016
Joshua Tucker 12/27/2014
Everest (Gabe) Keehnel 2013
James Ringness 1/9/2012
Logan Stillings 5/20/2011
Kevin Lynch 4/16/2012
Logan Gilbert 12/7/2011
Tim Lynch 7/20/2010
Evan Stillings 4/5/2010 (as a Lone Scout)
Robert Griffin 1/20/2010
Graham Unis 12/9/2008
Richard (Trip) Maguire 8/3/2008
Will Ringness 2/7/2009
Connor Myhre 1/20/2009
Jeff Waddingham 11/14/2007
Pat Acheson 11/14/2007
Matt Griffin 4/10/2007
Garrett Myhre 4/1/2007
Dustin Farr 7/21/2006
Derek Joseph Mills, 1/19/2005
Shyam Praful Bhansali, 1/19/2005
Neil Edward Mecham, 10/27/2004
Nicholas Andrew Reynolds, 4/6/2004
Matthew Gary Waddingham, 12/5/2002
Graham Franklyn Mills, 10/22/2002
Jacob Tucker, 5/9/2002
John Mecham, 4/4/2000
Travis Anderberg, 1/4/2000
Jesse Ryan Anderberg, 2/17/1998
Geoffrey Parent, 8/27/1997
Douglas Paul Dickson, 8/27/1997
Benjamin Pitts, 6/12/1997
Brian O’Connor, 12/9/1996
Steven Herrig, 8/24/1995
Steven Schrum, 5/16/1995
Jacob Hjaltin, 6/15/1993
Jeffery Broderick, 3/9/1989
Mark E Frey, 3/5/1987
David E Crum, 6/2/1986
John Vincent Firlotte, 1/30/1985
Anthony R. Zempel, 2/4/1980
Gregroy L. Zempel, 2/4/1980
Edward M. Graaf, 12/5/1978
Darrell Robert Bowmer, 2/22/1978
Ralph Leitner, 1/21/1974
Roderick C. Jackson, Jr., 1/13/1974
John T. Hughes, 9/26/1966
Steven J. Brantner, 9/26/1966
Richard R. Royal, 9/27/1965
William J. Royal, 9/27/1965
Cage Cross IV, 1/27/1964
Alan D. Helseth, 10/28/1963
Lynn C. Helseth, 10/28/1963
Bruce N. Ledger, 11/26/1962
Bob Porter, 4/5/1949
Robert Richardson, 5/7/1945
Wayne Lambert, 5/7/1945
Robert Scott, 2/20/1942
Robert McNeill, 11/10/1939
Richard Higgins, 11/10/1939
Robert Chadwick, 11/10/1939
Robert Thomas, 11/12/1938
Philip Smart, 12/10/1935
Vern Tracy, 5/22/1931
Ward Tracy, 7/7/1930
Carl P. Thompson, 5/7/1930
Robert Miller, 1/17/1930
Kenneth S. Simonds, 8/21/1929

2 Comments to “Our Eagles”

  1. Dustin Farr says:

    Hi, I was just looking at the troop and realized I’m not on the Eagle Scout list! Oh no! I would love if my name could be added to the list. Can’t remember the exact date I achieved eagle but I bet Bob still has the records. I will check with him.


  2. Bob Porter says:

    My youth experience(s) in Troop 151 has provided me with life skills that cannot be duplicated. Memories can never be taken away and my memories of scouting bring smile after smile as I go through life. I sponsor, each year, an Eagle Scout at the Chief Seattle Council Banquet and although I am now 83 years of age, I keep mentally alert, physically fit, morally straight and spiritually engaged, all due to scouting. My best to troop 151. You are the BEST!

    Bob Porter
    Eagle Scout with Gold Palm 1949 Explorer Scout, Order of the Silver Marmot, Jr. Ass’t Scout Master, Camp Parson Counselor

    [email protected]
    P.O. Box 416 Lopez Island, WA 98261

    Lopez Island, WA 98261


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