Troop 151

Scouting in (and out) of Seattle


Thank you for your interest!  We’re always ready to welcome a new member who’s interested in camping, hiking, climbing, learning leadership skills, and having fun!

Where & when we meet:

We meet regularly on Monday evenings from 7pm to 8:30pm at the St. Catherine’s church in the Maple Leaf neighborhood.  If it’s a 5th monday of the month, though, we take a trip to the Helene Madison swimming pool for a little swim practice and fun!

Who to contact

If you’re interested in joining us or even just learning a bit more about us or Boy Scouts in general, please call or e-mail ScoutMaster Bob Brotherson at 206-257-8053 or [email protected].


Feel free to post questions in the comments on this page and we’ll be glad to get back to you!

3 Comments to “Join!”

  1. Antonio Rufin says:


    My son and I are looking into the possibility of finding another Troop home. He’s 13, and has attained the rank of Star Scout. We are looking for a small Troop (< 30) with a strong year-round Scouting program. Your Troop certainly seems to have the latter. Can you tell me how many Scouts are there in Troop 151, and how many Patrols? Also, do you go to Camp Parsons every summer? (That has been a tradition in our Troop which my son would like to keep, if at all possible). Anything else my son and I should know about your Troop?



    PS. Great website!!

  2. Antonio,

    We currently have 2 patrols with 5 members each, a Sr. patrol leader, Assist Sr patrol Leader and a Jr Assistant Scoutmaster. We have a high record of Eagle Scouts and an active group of Scouts. We attend Camp Parsons every summer, because thats where the Scouts want to go. Our program is designed by the Scouts and supported by the parents and the Troop leadership. Please feel free to call me or attend one of our meetings; Monday’s at St. Catherine’s at 7:00 pm.


  3. Yishai Lloyd Scott Elder says:

    How might I (an Eagle Scout – 1960 while a member of the no longer existing Evergreen Council, Phil Smart led (!) Troop & Post 302, at age 73 (!) reafiliate with 151?


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