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New Website Work

April 06, 2009 By: troop151 Category: General

Just started getting the new WA Troop 151 website set up.  Found some nice photo gallery plugins for the site to show all the pictures I found in the previous website.  Now I just need somebody to give me some text to go along with these pictures so us newcomers know what the pictures are showing!  I also need recent pictures to post.

I think this gallery is the bike ride in 2004.

[imageflow id=1]

2 Comments to “New Website Work”

  1. Great looking website, but no information for prospective members. Where does Troop 151 meet. How do prospective members get in touch?


  2. Thanks! You’ve got a great point. I’ve added a “Join!” page to let people know that information. You have a really nice site, too. I’ve added a link to yours on our pages, I hope you would like to do the same for us.



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