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Survivor Camp Pix on the Website

April 19, 2010 By: troop151 Category: Camping

The pictures from the camp-out last weekend are now on the website for you to view and enjoy!  I heard great things about this weekend with the boys getting to practice some real survival skills like first aid, using a compass, and cooking eggs in an orange skin over an open fire.  Exciting!

New Pictures

March 06, 2010 By: troop151 Category: Announcement

The pictures for the January and February outings have been posted on the website.  Check them out!

More Schedule Changes

January 11, 2010 By: troop151 Category: General, Schedule

Bob’s latest annoucement: 

Now that I have totally messed up the calendar for 2010, and it’s only January. I have another change for the Campout for January. The weekend will be 16th-17th. Sorry for the confusion. I will need drivers we are going to Deception Pass State Park. If you can drive, please let me know.

Schedule Changes

January 05, 2010 By: troop151 Category: Announcement, Schedule

The campout to Deception Pass has been rescheduled for the weekend of Jan 23-24 instead of 9-10 and the Troop meeting on Jan 18th has been cancelled for Martin Luther King day.

High Rope COPE Course

October 10, 2009 By: troop151 Category: Camping, Events

Title: High Rope COPE Course
Location: Camp Seymour
Link out: Click here
Description: This activity is quite expensive and must of it is being generously underwritten by an anonymous donor. The individual cost is only $15 per person to take this trip and that payment MUST be made by October 5th if you wish to attend.

See for more info.
Start Date: 2009-10-17
End Date: 2009-10-18

Rock climbing coming up soon!

May 03, 2009 By: troop151 Category: Announcement, Camping, Events

We have a rock climbing trip planned at Feathers rock on the weekend of the 16th of May.  It is imperitive that you be at the Troop meeting this monday to receive the training necessary for the rock climbing outing if you are planning to go on the trip.  We do not plan on providing this instruction again onsite, so anyone who does not attend this training/safely session will not be allowed to participate.

Note also that the second $100 payment for Camp Parsons will be due at the end of May.

Swimming next week & other announcements

April 06, 2009 By: troop151 Category: Announcement, Camping, Events

Since next week is spring break and over half of the troop will be gone on vacation, the regularly schedule patrol meeting onthe 13th has been changed to a swimming night.  Come and practice for the BSA swim test or come and help those who still need the practice!

Several fun & interesting activites have been planned for the campout at Rasar State Park this coming 18th-19th.  A GPS and Compass challenge, a scavenger hunt in the tall grass, and swimming in the river.

Planning for the summer trip to California is still in progress, but progress is steady.  Accomodations have been found at very reasonable rates and other plans are continuing well so far.

Website updates are progressing.  Feel free to subscribe and leave comments about what you like/don’t like and provide suggestions on what you’d like to see here.  If you have pictures of any outings of the past 5 years or so, or would like to contribute some text about a trip or on the history of the troop, please e-mail the webmaster!