Troop 151

Scouting in (and out) of Seattle

Pictures Posted

September 03, 2011 By: Kevin Category: Announcement

All the rest of the pictures from the scouting activities in 2011 have now been posted.  Looks like the boys have been having a great time on their trips.  I’d love to report on their reactions and thoughts about their travels, but they don’t appear to be willing to writing anything out.  Too much like school or something, I suppose…


Survivor Camp Pix on the Website

April 19, 2010 By: troop151 Category: Camping

The pictures from the camp-out last weekend are now on the website for you to view and enjoy!  I heard great things about this weekend with the boys getting to practice some real survival skills like first aid, using a compass, and cooking eggs in an orange skin over an open fire.  Exciting!

New Pictures

March 06, 2010 By: troop151 Category: Announcement

The pictures for the January and February outings have been posted on the website.  Check them out!